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Arrival to Cavagnago

Agriturismo - Bed & Breakfast Bertazzi
Nucleo Cavagnago
CH - 6749 Cavagnago (TI)

Tel: +41 (0)91 8642177   Fax: +41 (0)91 8642103

By car or bike
0 km Coming from the North, leave the highway A2/E35 highway at exit 43 Faido/Lavorgo/Cari.
0 km Coming from the South, leave the highway A2/E35 highway at exit 43 Faido/Lavorgo/Cari.
0.75 km After leaving the highway, turn right direction Lavorgo.
3.4 km In Lavorgo, 50 m after the AVIA petrol station, turn left direction Sobrio/Calonico.
7.0 km By the road branching Calonico/Anzonico, Continue straight on (not direction Calonico).
8.0 km Pass by Anzonico.
10.7 km Welcome to Cavagnago! On the main street, you will find our house, located next to the church in the middle of the village.
  Road "Delle Vigne" = secondary road!  


  • Cavagnago (Switzerland) other than Cavagnano (Italy).
  • It is no recommended to take the secondary road "Delle Vigne".


  • GPS coordinates: N 46 24' 48" E 08 52' 51".

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By public transport
You use the Gotthard railways (SBB/CFF/FFS) and get off the train in Faido.

Take the post bus until Lavorgo, then change for Lavorgo-Sobrio. The bus stop in Cavagnago is right in front of our house.
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