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  • Eine Verbindung mit dem Netz "Bertazzi_Free_WIFI" herstellen.
  • iPhone und iPad: das Anmeldebilschirm "Log In" wird automatisch angezeigt.
  • Andere: den Browser öffnen und, wenn nötig, eine beliebige Adresse eingeben (z.B "").
  • Nach der Registrierung sind Sie berechtigt das drahtloses Netz, für eine Dauer von 30 Tagen, kostenlos zu nutzen. Nach Ablauf dieser Frist muss die Registrierung wiederholt werden.


Data protection

  • The data protection and personal privacy of users remains absolutely untouched. The availability of the collected data - data guaranteeing simply user traceability - is in fact bound to the intervention of criminal authorities.

Disclaimer of responsability

  • The service provider is not liable for any directly or indirectly damage that may result from the use of the service "Bertazzi Free Wi-Fi".


  • The service "Bertazzi Free Wi-Fi " is intended for lawful purposes only and may not be used to violate any standards, laws or regulations of local, state or federal governments/agencies, or International treaty.


  • A registration is required to use the service "Bertazzi Free Wi-Fi". This, following the ordinance concerning the surveillance of post and telecommunications, which requires the tracking of users of Wi-Fi networks for reasons of criminal relevance (illegal or not tolerated by the common ethic traffic contents).

Service providing

  • The service provider is not liable for any interruption or malfunction of the service "Bertazzi Free Wi-Fi". The user can not claim to rights of use.


  • The service "Bertazzi Free Wi-Fi " can be used by anyone within the coverage of the network.

Technische Daten


  • SSID: Bertazzi_Free_WIFI
  • Encryption: none
  • Channel: 6
  • DSL: Swisscom Vivo Casa ****, max 30000/3000 bit/s



  • 1 x PC embedded
  • 1 x Switch Zyxel GS1900 24E
  • 8 x Access Points Zyxel NWA 1100-N



  • OS: Linux Debian Voyage

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